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Stage/internship Cloud Prototyping posté par Nokia

CDI - temps plein

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Nokia is a worldwide leading company in Telecom equipment and software. Nokia Software in itself is a competitor to the biggest software companies worldwide.

Inside Nokia Software, our organization is an innovative advance force aiming to validate new business and operations models and opportunities. It is composed of teams spread over several continents, with a team in France. Our French team is located in Nozay, France, 30 km south of Paris, in the ecosystem of the “Plateau de Saclay”. It is on the Nokia campus, workplace of about 3000 engineers.

Since the Covid crisis we have extended our usual WFH (Working From Home) from 40% to 100%. We are fully equipped and used to WFH, so this has not been an issue for the team. The internship modalities will be adapted to the local guidelines and regulations.

The French team is the architecture team. As such we design the global architecture of the organization’s solutions, but we also need to explore technologies hands-on. The current endeavor of the team is a cloud-based operated services platform. In the coming year, we will design and refine an architecture for a solution, as well as experiment with cloud and devops concepts.


The intern will participate in the team’s technology investigations.

The aim of the internship is to participate in building an application in the cloud. The application may be simple and limited, as its purpose is to prototype on cloud toolboxes. The intern will participate in developing, deploying and operating services in the cloud. This may include any technology, any appropriate language, database, operations or management tools. Several cloud providers may be investigated: Amazon, MS Azure, Google, etc. The work will be done in the team.

The intern will be curious and autonomous, and ready to learn. A hands-on knowledge of software is expected, fields of interest should include coding, widespread languages, cloud concepts, and devops concepts. The internship may include phases of exploration, but also long periods of development or operations.

Ours is a changing environment. We do not guarantee a predictable plan for 6 months running, but rather adaptation to managed pivots.

The internship will include:

  • Exploration of cloud technologies
  • Exploration of devops techniques and technologies
  • Development of mockups or parts of the overall solution
  • Participation in the team’s work sessions

Note that although we are an architecture team, this is a development internship. The work in which the intern will participate is meant to provide insights for the architecture work of the team.

  • Finishing a Computer Engineering Bachelor or higher cursus
  • Proficient in at least some of these technologies, with the will and ability to learn more
    • OS: Linux
    • Development: Python, Shell scripting, PHP / JavaScript / HTML, Node.js, …
    • Database: SQL, no-SQL, big data (Hadoop)
    • Web development frameworks (Django, Sprint, Angular,…)
    • Container technologies: Docker, Kubernetes, …
    • Cloud technologies: Amazon or MS Azure or Google toolbox. E.g. for AWS: CloudFormation, S3, RDS, Lambda, …
  • Knowledge or Agile, Lean, Devops is a plus
  • Fluent in English
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