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Head of Cockpit Product Line #SWX H/F posté par Groupe PSA

CDI - temps plein

Description de l'offre

Filière/Métier : Software/Software
Contrat : CDI
Description du poste :
Head of Product is a stakeholder with primary technical responsibility for evangelizing, developing and launching the next generation Cockpit platforms 1)Realizing Roadmap into Delivery ➔This involves breaking down the high level roadmaps into detailed development roadmaps. ➔This applies both to hardware and software components involved in the product line. ➔Identifying the common platform core components across variants and developing them in common streams. ➔Manage deliveries within time and budget to the respective milestones. ➔Manages 5 year roadmap for the product vertical while making weekly high quality software deliveries 2)Managing Technology Work streams ➔Organizing and managing several work-streams focussing on technology components. ➔Operating each of the workstream with workstream leads and team members in an agile way. ➔Often these teams comprise team members who are not directly belonging to the reporting line. 3)Orchestrating complex engineering delivery ➔Streamlining the development process to deliver to large scale programs that span for 2-3 years. ➔Bring expertise on Estimation, Planning, Delivery, Testing, Qualification, Quality, Maintenance ➔Manage resource and budget estimations for the programs that are cross geographic in nature. ➔Develop the project in an agile model with a high degree of control on estimations. ➔Manage the deliveries from different branches towards different lines of deployment. ➔Be the owner for delivering to the vehicle lines with the needed software deliveries across different milestones. ➔Manage requirements baseline, feature backlog for the product vertical. 4)Demonstrate thought leadership ➔Be the face for showing the technology advancements to the internal and external stakeholders. ➔Play an active role in industry panels and forums. Drive contribution from our organization to the working groups. 5)Scaling high performance teams. ➔Developing a high performance software derived working culture. ➔Organize teams into competence centers leveraging capabilities available in different geographies. ➔Focus on growing the competence in new technology areas including Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, Gaming, etc. 6)Managing technology suppliers & Building partnerships ➔Often there will be a combination of in-house technologies combined with parts and systems sourced. ➔The leader will have to effectively manage the suppliers involved to meet the overall delivery scope and timelines. ➔Extend the agile internal working culture to the partners while holding the quality gates high. ➔Develop long term partnerships with the suppliers to create innovations 7)Implement Agile Working Culture 8)Defining and promoting milestones and quality KPIs ➔Establish quality gates in the internal delivery process within the team ➔Catch the anomalies early ahead and manage risks effectively ➔Deliver with predictable high quality output

●MS degree in Computer Science or equivalent ●15+ years of experience in building high technology products ●8+ years people management experience ●Willingness to learn SAFe Agile practices. ●Industry expertise in the Automotive Cockpit domain or similar consumer products ●A strong record of accomplishment of project delivery for large, cross-functional, projects. ●Excellent communication and coordination skills while working in multi-site environment ●Very good understanding of engineering processes, especially requirements engineering and development processes ●Strong networking capabilities across Business Units in a multinational environment ●Excellent Leadership Skills

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